The Footprint Game!
Parents and Teachers:
This Eco-footprint activity has voice guides for the pre-literate child.
The object of the game is to acquire as many points as you can.  Sustainable (ecologically healthy) choices give you more points; unsustainable (ecologically unhealthy) choices give you fewer points.The player will see that the Footprint gets larger or smaller depending on whether the choice is sustainable or not – the larger the Footprint, the less sustainable the choice.

1. Click: Start.
Once prompted by the voice guides, click on Water; each time that you
     are prompted, choose one of the options.  There is an Earth-friendly tip
     after completing each of the choices.
Click on the next item which is Food and proceed as before.  Continue
     until you complete the last item which is Energy.
4. Once you have completed all the items, take the Footprint Pledge.
     Click on the Pledge Icon and follow the voice prompts.

Enriched Play!
By participating in this activity children are learning to discern that their choices can impact the environment and society in different ways.  This activity cultivates environmental and social responsibility through reflective decision making. Children are also empowered by the Earth-friendly tips which will enable them to feel they can make a difference in the world.

Multiple Intelligences:
Self Smart – Picture Smart – Math Smart – learning through reflection, visual selection and mental calculations.!