Rosie's Heart!
Parents and Teachers:
This activity has voice guides for the pre-literate child.
The object of the game is to learn how humans are connected to dolphins. Discovering connections and similarities between humans and other life forms helps to nurture the understanding of our interconnectivity and interdependance. This in turn helps to cultivate empathy. The player, prompted by questions from Little Rosie, must create the pathway, by choosing from multiple icons, to connect the dolphin to Rosie. Correct choices are reinforced by Rosie who expands on the answer and asks a new question. The reward is a beautiful and inspiring song!

    1.  Click "Start" to begin the activity.
    2.  Little Rosie will ask a question; click on the picture that answers
         her question. Answers will be reinforced with additional

    3.  Wrong choices will be identified and the player will be prompted
         to "try again".
    4.  At any time the player may click on the Earth for a visual clue to
         the correct answer
    5.  Once the correct choices have been identified, Rosie will ask
         another question adn the player will continue in this pattern until
         he/she reaches the final icon.
    6.  After the last connection is made, the player will be prompted to
         connect the dolphin to Rosie's Heart. Click on Rosie and see
         what happens!
    7.  Sit back and enjoy the song "Dolphin Teach Us To Play" sung by
         Rosie Emery, while Little Rosie grooves to the music.

Enriched Play!
By participating in this activity children are learning some of the ways in which humans are connected to another species. They are also learning to discern how their consumer choices can impact on that species. This activity cultivates environmental and social responsibility by demonstrating that once informed, we are empowered to make choices that support more sustainable and compassionate practices.

Multiple Intelligences:
Self Smart – Picture Smart – Nature Smart – Music Smart – learning through reflection, knowledge of nature and enjoyment of musical reward!